For a while I've been looking for a white, antique sideboard to use for a TV stand. Like you can guess, It didn't go so well. So I decided to create my own. How? Just follow the steps.

Finding a sideboard: If you would like to have old but cool furniture with a fair price, I would recommend charity stores, Góði Hirðirinn and ABC are great for the ones who live in Iceland.

Secondhand furniture websites should definitely also be considered.
Luckily, I found mine on one of those websites.

This is the untouched look of the sideboard.

Deciding on changes: Since our living room desperately needed brightness, It was not difficult to decide on light grey.

Another issue was the height of the sideboard. It was too high to be used as a TV stand, so the legs had to be removed.

First & Second Round: I removed all the attached accessorizes from the furniture, so that I would not paint them accidentally and covered the floor with newspapers to avoid sneaky paint drops on the parquet.

When it was time to paint, I started with white, base paint. One round didn't help much so I had to do another round. You can see the difference between first and second round on the following pictures.

First round

Second Round

Third & Fourth Round: After drying out, It was completely ready to be painted with the main color. Even though It was rather easy to paint due to the base color, it had to be painted twice to get a good result.

Here is it after being painted light grey, twice!

Final Touches: After cursing at the nondetachable legs for a while, I realized all I needed was a saw and a viking man to cut them off. Thankfully, I got both at home.

Oh, and It was not easy to convince my cat to give up on his new, favorite sleeping spot.

The legs are gone and the color is light grey. My new Tv stand is ready for use! :)

I want to thank my lovely husband and cat for their help.

I wish great days for everyone.
Gözde Siguðs.