9 years ago, they were strangers. Today, they pretend to be, nevertheless somewhere between, they were friends. This is the story of a friendship that has been stabbed and murdered with the sharpest words on Facebook.

When they were introduced by a common friend, they didn't consider each other as potential friends. They thought it was very obvious, one was quite different than other, like an onion and sandpaper. Even though the judgment seemed irreversible, it was not.
Their friendship was effortlessly built in a couple of weeks as if they had been in a hurry. Phone calls and meetings became frequent in a time. Million words to be spoken, million laughs to be raised, million places to be gone. The taste of a new friendship was like eucalyptus: refreshing.

The months passed, turned into years as they adorned their friendship with garish memories. Glorious artwork they took pride in every piece of, surely, should have been on display. Therefore, the friendship had officially been approved on Facebook and got 99 likes in a day.

Attention was embracing them tightly but gently, they couldn't resist asking for more. Million pictures to be posted, million comments to be published and of course, million lives to sneak in.
A new stunning world was going to be discovered and indeed, rake up the things that had been sealed.

The thoughts almost never spoken outloud were floating on Opinion Ocean, cavalierly.
Each posts had politic, religious and discriminatory content, brought about a perpetual disturbance and anger. Ignorance was not sufficient enough after all those years. The friendship was sinking.

Meanwhile, phone calls were replaced with Facebook messages and emotions represented by icons. Conversations were swarming with misunderstood words that easily cracked the fragile friendship.

Awareness leaked in through these tiny cracks. As a precaution, the posts kept on speaking behalf of them, regardless all of those people witnessing the infantile arguments. In their opinion, as long as it didn't directly target anyone, it must have been an innocent offense.

Both picked the easiest way and were very determined to reach the end first, with or without knowing this would be the end of their friendship. They sedulously left a piece of dignity with each comments, thinking it would help them to find the way back home.

Eventually, status updates became uglier and more insulting, like all the anger accumulated on their finger tips, but people liked them. Many angry people...

Neither of them apologized, or even tried to talk, and one day, hearts were completely broken like the friendship. The one who unfriends the other first, was going to be the winner. At least they felt like it.

They were officially not friends anymore and surrounded with an oppressive guilt so bad. One more time, they had an irresistible urge to give a purging message to the world. They never knew, but there was only 9 seconds between them both publishing the same, ironic post.